Mosiah 15: 10-12, 18-21, 22-24, 25, 28-31

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Verse 10: And now I say unto you, who shall declare His generation?

Behold, I say unto you, that when His soul has been made an offering for sin,

He shall see His seed.

And now what say ye? And who shall be His seed?

Verse 11: Behold I say unto you, that whosoever has heard the words of the prophets, yea, all the holy prophets who have prophesied concerning the coming of the Lord

I say unto you, that all those who have hearkened unto their words, and

believed that the Lord would redeem His people, and

have looked forward to that day for a remission of their sins,

I say unto you,

that these are His seed, for they are the heirs of the kingdom of God.

Verse 12: For these are they whose sins He has borne;

these are they for whom He has died,

to redeem them from their transgressions.

And now, are they not His seed?

            After Jesus Christ was crucified, while His body lay in the tomb, His Spirit went to the spirits in the spirit world (paradise) and He organized His righteous followers, since Adam, to teach the Gospel to those in spirit prison (those since Adam who had not heard or accepted His message. See 1 Peter 3:18-20)

            Righteous people, those who follow the principles of truth, are likened as Jesus Christ’s seed or heirs of the kingdom of God. These are they who accept Him.   These are they who chose to repent or change because of His sufferings and death. They choose to repent or change from wrong to right. Jesus Christ’s sufferings are given for all of us who will humble ourselves and seek Him.

Verse 18: And behold, I say unto you, this is not all. For O how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of Him that bringeth good tidings, that is the founder of peace, yea, even the Lord, who has redeemed His people; yea, Him who has granted salvation unto His people;

Verse 19: For were it not for the redemption which He hath made for His people, which was prepared from the foundation of the world, I say unto you, were it not for this, all mankind must have perished.

Verse 20: But behold, the bands of death shall be broken, and the Son reigneth, and hath power over the dead; therefore, He bringeth to pass the resurrection of the dead.

Verse 21: And there cometh a resurrection, even a first resurrection; yea, even a resurrection of those that have been, and who are, and who shall be, even until the resurrection of Christ–for so shall He be called.

            Jesus Christ is the founder of peace. He is the Redeemer. He fulfilled the Plan of Salvation by His Atoning Sacrifice. He made it so that mankind – all of us – need not perish. He made death a temporary condition.   All mankind – each of us – will be resurrected. I am in awe. He who is perfect in all things; He who has all power from His Father to create and do what is necessary for the children of men; He has suffered for us, for me, so that I can change – repent – and learn to live His way, the Way of righteousness. My loved ones who die shall live again. So will we all. We will be resurrected – our bodies reunited with our souls – and we will live forever. What priceless gifts.

            And even in our lives now, we can have peace. As we seek to live His way, He gives us peace. That’s a precious gift in this world of turmoil. I am grateful. It’s hard to comprehend. But, I have felt His love. I know He loves me. I know that He loves all of us. I am in awe at His gifts of love.

Verse 22: And now, the resurrection of all the prophets, and all those that have believed in their words, or all those that have kept the commandments of God, shall come forth in the first resurrection; therefore, they are the first resurrection.

Verse 23: They are raised to dwell with God who has redeemed them; thus they have eternal life through Christ, who has broken the bands of death.

Verse 24: And these are those who have part in the first resurrection; and these are they that have died before Christ came, in their ignorance, not having salvation declared unto them. And thus the Lord bringeth about the restoration of these; and they have a part in the first resurrection, or have eternal life, being redeemed by the Lord.

            This first resurrection of the prophets and those who lived and died before Christ has happened. There are people who lived upon the earth who were redeemed and live with God now. Those who did not believe the prophets are the ones Peter refers to in 1 Peter who Christ organized the preaching to while His body was in the tomb before His resurrection. That is why He said to Mary, “Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended to my God…” Even though He had been dead since being on the cross, He had still been doing the assignments Heavenly Father had given Him and hadn’t yet been Home to see Him yet.

            Jesus is selfless. He does His Father’s will before His own preferences. He gave His will to His Father because He knew His Father’s Plan was right. Learning to do as Jesus has done in giving my will to the Father is not easy for someone stubborn as I. But inasmuch as I have learned to do it, I’m amazed at how good it feels. The Father’s way is the best way to live for happiness. I have found it so. It soothes the pain and hurt that earth life brings. It gives hope and peace when situations seem hopeless.

Verse 25: And little children also have eternal life.

            This scripture brings such peace to the heart as there are so many young ones who have died without baptism. Babies and young children don’t need baptism as the Savior’s Atonement covers them. The rest of us, who are accountable and capable of committing sin must follow the steps that bring us back Home, with baptism being the second one, after faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As Mormon tells us, “little children, are alive in Christ.” Spiritually, as well as physically, alive. They will also be resurrected.

Verse 28: And now I say unto you that the time shall come that the salvation of the Lord shall be declared to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.

Verse 29: Yea, Lord, thy watchmen shall lift up their voice; with the voice together shall they sing; for they shall see eye to eye, when the Lord shall bring again Zion.

Verse 30: Break forth into joy, sing together, ye waste places of Jerusalem; for the Lord hath comforted His people, He hath redeemed Jerusalem.

Verse 31: The Lord hath made bare His holy arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God.

            Abinadi gives his testimony. He testifies to king Noah and his wicked priests of the Savior. His joy is felt as he gives his testimony of the Lord’s comfort, redemption, and power in bringing to pass His words. What a wonderful testimony He has witnessed to the king.

            I believe Abinadi’s testimony. I have felt the truth of his words. I have a witness of the Holy Spirit that they are true.

            May we always seek to let the testimony of Jesus Christ – His hope, peace, joy, love – live in our hearts and lives.



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